• EFTPS – The Easiest Way to Pay the IRS

    tax payments

    EFTPS is the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. Individuals and businesses can use EFTPS to make payments on their taxes electronically. It is the only electronic system available to make payments to the US Treasury on tax accounts. The main …

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  • IRS Woes continue…

    what not to do when facing a tax problem

    For the past few years the IRS seems to constantly find itself on the negative side of national press. Most recently the US House of Representatives has entertained the possibility of impeaching IRS Commissioner Jon Koskinen in the aftermath of …

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  • The Latest IRS Tax Scam

    man at computer

    Our office has received numerous reports of the following: Someone calls, identifies themselves as an IRS Agent, tells you that a lawsuit has been filed and that local authorities will be sent to your home if you do not make …

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  • The Hobby Loss Rule in the News Again


    The Hobby Loss Rule is a presumption long relied on by the IRS to disallow expenses claimed by taxpayers who show losses on their Schedule C. A recent report from the Treasury Department’s Inspector General indicated the IRS should make …

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  • IRS – trying to be a law unto itself.

    what not to do when facing a tax problem

    The perception that the IRS is a very powerful organization is widespread. Special privileges for collection, a preference for intimidation, and the disregard for equity that’s splashed the IRS news for the past decade have all added to this perception. …

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  • IRS Hacked Again – Seriously?

    IP mistakes pic

    You’ll love this (or feel even less digitally secure with your tax info). Last year the IRS announced that it had been hacked and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer records had been compromised. Many of these were used to file …

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  • No Internet Tax – It’s Official…Almost

    branding ipc

    There has long been talk among state and local taxing authorities regarding the lost revenues occurring from the sale of goods over the internet. Several states, and some local governments have attempted to impose taxes on these transactions. The challenge …

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  • IRS eFile Delays

    IRS efile delays

    The 2015 Tax filing season has officially started and the IRS is once again struggling to process tax returns. Our processing provider has notified us that the IRS is experiencing significant eFiling issues at present and is currently not accepting …

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  • IRS Lawsuits – Yet another IRS Scam

    Blog Image_ Man on Phone

    It goes like this. Someone calls and tells you (or leaves a voicemail) that this is your last notice or the IRS will be filing a lawsuit against you. You’re directed to pay immediately or deal with the lawsuit. Numerous …

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  • Tax Deadlines for 2016

    Clock Ticking - Taxes

    The IRS announced today the filing deadlines for the 2015 tax year. The IRS will begin accepting 2015 returns on January 19, 2016. S-Corporation and Partnership Returns are due on March 15, 2016. Extension allowed to September 15, 2015. C-Corporation …

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