IRS Data Breach Just Got Even Bigger!

IRS Data Breach just got even bigger

A few months ago we notified you of the data breach at the IRS that exposed approximately 100,000 taxpayers private and confidential information. The IRS has now confessed that there are at least another 220,000 taxpayer records that were also compromised and that an additional 170,000 taxpayer records may also have been accessed.


CyberHackers accessed the information using the “Get Transcript” application introduced by the IRS in 2013. The hackers were then able to file fraudulent tax returns and actually received in excess of $50 million in tax refunds.


To compound the problems the IRS is facing, two taxpayers have now initiated a lawsuit against the IRS claiming the breach violated their privacy and caused harm. The lawsuit asserts that the IRS was aware of the cyber vulnerabilities and failed to take reasonable precautions to address the potential issues. The lawsuit is seeking class action certification and unspecified damages.


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